dictaphoneWe reviewed the 10 Best Selling, Highest rated digital Dictaphones with real customer reviews. Scroll down to read our reviews and compare products,

ImageProductTechnical DetailsAmazon Rating (0-5)Average Price
Olympus VN-8700PC DictaphoneOlympus VN-8700PC DictaphoneWMA, MP3
4GB Memory
Upto 1684 Hours recording
High Speed USB
4.5Under £60dictaphone comparison
Sony ICD-BX112 dictaphoneSony ICD-BX112 DictaphoneMP3
2GB Memory
534 Hours recording
Large LCD screen
4.5 Under £30dictaphone comparison
Olympus WS 750 dictaphoneOlympus WS 750M DictaphoneWMA, PCM, MP3
4GB Memory
Upto 1058 Hours recording
High Speed USB
MicroSD memory card
4.5Under £80dictaphone comparison
Zoom H1 DictaphoneZoom H1 Handy DictaphoneMP3, WMA
2GB Extendable memory
Backlit LCD Screen
USB Port
Perfect Stereo image capture
4.5Under £80dictaphone comparison
Sony ICDBX800 dictaphoneSony ICDBX800 DictaphoneMP3
2GB Memory
500 Hours recording
Noise cut technology
4.0Under £50dictaphone comparison
Olympus VN-7800PC DictaphoneOlympus VN-7800PC DictaphoneVoice activated
1GB Memory
Large LCD Screen
444 hours recording
Integrated loud speaker
4.5Under £120dictaphone comparison
Olympus VN-8600PC DictaphoneOlympus VN-8600PC DictaphoneWMA, MP3
2GB Memory
1.61" LCD Screen
Upto 843 Hours recording
High speed USB
4.0Under £50dictaphone comparison
Olympus VN-5500PC Dictaphone221 Hours recording
512MB Memory
Includes Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10
2 Year warranty
3.5Under £60dictaphone comparison

Our Reviews

When most people hear or see the word ‘Dictaphone’ they think of a wide range of voice recording devices. You know the devices that students use to record lecture notes that they will later re-listen or write out…The truth is that the word is not a defining term but instead is a brand of voice recording devices. The brand name got generalized and now everybody in the UK calls a voice recorder a Dictaphone regardless of the brand.

Once these devices were only used in offices for recording minutes that would be later transcribed. Or for recording memos that would be later typed and sent off to various persons and various departments. Now-a-days these devices are used to do so much more than that. They are used by students to capture lectures; they are used by law enforcement, doctor’s, busy mums and much more. They are used for interviews, reminders, shopping lists, research, interrogations and more.

Sony digital recorderThese days they also do a lot more than record. They can be paired with voice to text software so that no manual transcription is necessary. They can be used to record music and even to record music when you have no other option. They can be paired with computers for easy transferal of data and can even serve as external storage devices. Yes the digital voice recorder has really evolved and not only that, there is so much variety on the market.

When you start looking for a digital voice recorder for sale you will find that out all too quickly. How can you choose just one voice recorder in the sea of different brands, types and features available? You can use reviews to guide you; you can do your research and can get recommendations from friends and family members. But what if that isn’t enough? In that case you are in just the right place right now.

We have designed our website to be the proverbial lighthouse in the storm – to help you to be able to pick the best Dictaphone for your purposes out of the sea of available choices on the market. To help you with that, we have done the research for you. Instead of visiting multiple websites and trying to read multiple reviews on different brands you can come right here and read reviews on the best brands and the best models on the market. We have done the work for you and our reviews are based on the customer reviews we have read. You can trust that our reviews are honest and unbiased reviews

Customer reviews are the main factor that influences our reviews but we understand that those aren’t the only important factors. We understand that reliability, affordability and brand reputation are all important as well and so we use that to formulate our reviews as well. We provide information on the features and specifications of products based on the manufacturer’s description and we provide comparisons because we are all about telling the truth. You can trust that when in need of help to choose the right Dictaphone we will lead you in the right direction.

Sony ICD-UX512If you are on the lookout for a voice recorder that is more than simply a voice recorder the Sony ICDUX512B digital voice recorder could be just what you are looking for. This device is a three in one device offering a USB flash drive, a music player and a voice recorder.

It has a large amount of memory offering 2GB to its users and even has a memory card slot for additional storage if necessary. These are just a couple features that you can look forward to on this digital voice recorder. You can find out more about this product by reading the product description, features and customer reviews found below.

Sony ICD-UX512 Digital Voice Recorder Description

This voice recorder comes in black and has a lot to offer. You can use it as a voice recorder, as an MP3 player and as a USB flash drive as well. It can be quickly and easily connected to your computer thanks to its USB capabilities. It has multiple languages loaded so that the device is more user friendly on a number of levels. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Olympus DP-20The Olympus DP-20 digital voice recorder is another device that you may want to consider when you want to purchase a voice recorder. It enables easy recording so even the person who is new to Dictaphones can use this device.

It is geared towards those who use tapes so if you are just that type of person then this is probably the voice recorder for you. Continue reading to find out if this voice recording device is what you are looking for.

You will find a description of the product as well as a list of its features followed by some customer reviews. The manufacturer specifies that this product is aimed at persons who still use analogue tapes. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Sony ICDBX800 Dictaphone Review

Sony ICDBX800 Digital Dictaphone MainThe Sony ICDBX800 is another one of the great electronic items you can find from the manufacturers Sony. Sony is known worldwide for offering high quality electronic items that enhance the quality of lives and help make them easier.

This is just another one of their many products that comes with a lot of features, is extremely user friendly and provides high quality recordings.

If you read on you will find a description of the product, its features and specifications as well as a number of Dictaphone reviews. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Philips LFH0622/00 Digital Dictaphone Review

digital dictaphone Philips LFH0622-00

Warning: although this product was a really good dictaphone with many great reviews it seems to us that it is no longer available for purchase. You can read about similar Philips dictaphones on other pages of our website.

The Philips LFH0622/00 Digital Dictaphone is a voice recorder which is best described as being intelligent. It offers many useful and techy features which is probably why it has received over 25 Dictaphone reviews on popular retail website amazon.

It not only is a voice recorder but also a mass storage device that offers voice activated recording capabilities. Read on to find out more about this very versatile Dictaphone; the Philips LFH06222/00 otherwise called the Tracer 622. You will find here a description of the product, a list of the many features and specifications and lastly and most importantly what people have to say about the product. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Olympus VN-6800PC Digital Dictaphone

Olympus VN-6800PC Digital DictaphoneThe Olympus VN-6800PC is an ideal contender for one of the best Dictaphone spots on our website. It has received a couple five star reviews and so we decided to feature it here on our Dictaphone review website.

It is described by the manufacturer as being an ideal recorder for anyone who has a fast paced lifestyle and doesn’t have time for a pen and paper.

It is lightweight and can be easily slipped into your pocket or purse for use any and everywhere in all types of recording scenarios. It comes fully equipped with a wide range of features that allow it to provide high quality recordings. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Sony ICD-BX112 Digital Dictaphone

Sony icdbx112 digital dictaphoneThe Sony ICD-BX112 has received over 90 Dictaphone reviews on just one retailer website and that is a lot of reviews. The reviews are mixed but the majority of them are five star reviews.

This gives us the inclination that this is a great buy and so we are going to talk a bit about it; its description, features and we will include what customers are saying in the reviews so you can find everything you need to know right here.

Continue reading to see why people have left so many good reviews for this Dictaphone and why you should also make it your own. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Olympus VN-8600PC Dictaphone

Olympus VN-8600PC dictaphone LHere we have the Olympus VN-8600PC which is a digital voice recorder. It is a very popular choice having garnered over 30 reviews on one retail website.

Many of these reviews were given because of the quality of the product and its many features. Some of which include a large 2GB memory and the ability to record both WMA and MP3 recordings.

The Dictaphone also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty which protects your purchase and gives you even more reason to feel confident purchasing it. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Sony ICD-PX312 Digital Dictaphone Review

Sony ICD-PX312 DictaphoneThe Sony ICD-PX312 may not be the very best digital recorder but it is certainly among top 10 you will find for sale currently. You can tell that it is a great product because of the many reviews that it has received.

It is also made by Sony which is known all over the world for making top quality electronic products. This product has a number of features to include a memory card slot and a large display screen.

It also has what is called “Noise Cut Pro” which allows the user to record in a noisy background without the background sounds. There is a lot more to this voice recorder and if you read on you will find it all from the manufacturer’s description to consumer reviews. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Olympus WS 750M Flash Based Digital Recorder

Olympus WS 750M DictaphoneThe Olympus WS 750M Flash Based Voice Recorder has received a number of very positive reviews. There are 15 reviews to be exact with a mix of both four and five star reviews on Amazon UK.

It seems that this Dictaphone is a good contender for being one of the best. It is ideal for an “on the go” lifestyle and has features that support such a performance.

It can record in multiple formats and has a large 4GB capacity of internal memory while maintaining a lightweight profile of 51 grams inclusive of the batteries. Though small it provides  good clarity and great sound output and that is why we decided to add a page dedicated to the Olympus WS 750M Dictaphone. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

ZOOM H1 Digital Dictaphone Recorder

ZOOM H1 Digital Dictaphone RecorderThe Zoom H1 Recorder came to our attention due to having over 25 reviews with mainly 4 and 5 reviews.

You know that if this is indeed the best Dictaphone we will definitely have information on it and so we are giving you what you want – Information on the best digital recorders on the market one of which is the Zoom H1 Recorder.

This voice recorder comes with an internal memory size of 2GB and also has a microSD slot so you can save as much recordings as your SD card will allow. With the ability to record and play back both MP3 and WAV files this can be used with a number of applications. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Olympus VN-8700PC Digital Recorder

VN-8700PC dictaphoneThe Olympus VN-8700PC voice recorder offers a whopping 4 GB of internal memory and with the ability to connect to your PC via USB you will never have to delete any of your recordings.

It is great for every type of recording from interviews and lectures, to notes to self and even casual moments that are sure to bring a smile to your face when played back. From the manufacturers description and specifications to Dictaphone reviews you can find it right here.

The Olympus VN-8700PC is one of those digital Dictaphones that is great for all of life’s audio moments that need to be saved. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Olympus VN-5500PC Dictaphone L with SoftwareIf you are looking for a Dictaphone as well as a voice recognition software this is a good buy. This bundle gives you these two things at a nicely discounted price than what you would have to pay to purchase them separately.

The Olympus VN-5500PC is a beauty and with the additional voice recognition software you will be able to make recordings and easily transcribe them without much effort.

Gone are the days of listening and writing or typing and rewinding and forwarding to get audio transcribed, this package does it all. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Digital Dictaphone Sony ICD-UX200

Our digital recorder review countinues with the Sony ICD-UX200 series. Yet another top qualityproduct from Sony. This gadget has been around since December 2009.

Looking at the positive reviews it received over the last year or so,  it has proved itself to be a great product. Our research shows that 73% of all viewers will actually by this item which is great as it proves that they are happy with the features  and the price as well.

It comes in various colours such as black, silver, pink, red which is yet another cool thing that makes this digital voice recorder stand out of the rest. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

digital dictaphone Philips LFH0622-00

Our next Dictaphone review is this Philips LFH0622/00 recorder. It is currently available at Amazon for just under £50 at a discount of 18%. It has been on the market since September 2008 so it is one of the “older” models that has proved itself on the market.

Just over 60% of all viewers will actually buy this voice recorder and many will leave positive feedback about their experience with it. You can quickly download your recordings using a USB cable.

In 4 different folders you can record up to 4 times 99 tracks that you can organize the way you want. The display will allow you to view all your files quickly and easily. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Digital Dictaphone Olympus WS 550M

The product on the left is one of the many popular digital Dictaphones from Olympus, the Olympus WS 550M. It comes in either blue or silver.

Both of them looks really cool in our opinion. It surely has many features and benefits which makes this item just a little bit more pricy than the average voice recorder.

It has been around since the beginning of summer 2009, and it has been selling well, with many positive reviews. We even read reviews where the user compared this product to his previous 3 voice recorder and this one came out on top.

Our research shows that just over 50% all viewers will actually buy this item which reassures us that they like what they see. Best of all it is available at least 2 colours, silver and blue which might please a wider audience. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

The Olympus VN-7800PC digital dictaphone has to be our next subject of review as we have recieved some really positive reviews about this little gadget.

The Olympus VN-7800-PC has been on the market from the summer of 2009 and has been selling really well. More then 60% of all viewers actually buy and some who don’t buy usually go for the newer Olympus model.

This product comes with USB port, 3 recording qualities, LCD Screen, Voice activated recording, Skip Function, additional microphone, carry case, earphones 2xAAA Batteries and 1 Year Warranty. Now that seems like an endless list. Click Here to Read Our Full Review

This is a very handy digital dictaphone from Sony that has been selling like hotcakes on Amazon since about March 2010.

Lets take a look at its features that we have found on the merchant’s site:

  • MP3 recording – crystal clear audio recording with added Super High Quality mode
  • 21-step speed control that allows you to  control playback speeds, eliminating distortion
  • 2GB flash memory – 500 hours of recording time, with 2GB built-in memory
  • Noise Cut technology – Enhances human speech
  • Advanced recording – Voice Operated Recording with Hi/Lo mic sensitivity
  • Item Weight: 68 g

Click Here to Read Our Full Review

Digital Dictaphone is a very popular product amongst a wide variety of people.

Recording any conversation, in any situation could not be easier using one of the latest Digital Recorders. They are all small, smart little gadgets, usually with huge digital memory making it easy to record even 100′s of hours of speech with a push of a button.

Dictaphones are although popular most people only looking for reliable big brands such as Sony, Olympus or Philips voice recorders.

Currently the most popular series is the SONY’s ICD series.

Digital Dictaphones came in many shapes and forms, from various makes. All of them will be small, very stylish, looking like a really professional gadget. That is of course very important nowadays, as it will have to do its job, and it also needs to hold its modern image for at least a couple of years even in this rushing world, when new voice recorders comes out nearly every week. Most of them will be able to do what you want them to do of course when you want to record a conversation.

A digital recorder will record the conversation in mp3 format which makes it dead easy to download, upload, edit the recorder talks. Not a surprise that the biggest difference amongst these Dictaphones will be the actual size of its memory which is directly responsible for how long a conversation it can store. But no worries most products will store hundreds of hours of material. Other differences like brand, size, energy consumption, simplified control panel will also influence your digital Dictaphone choice, and of course its price.

By following the links on our site you too will find the best Digital Recorder for you very own needs.

Dictaphones changed the lives of many of us when they were first invented decades ago. Many industry was transformed over night thanks to the various capabilities of a digital recorder. In many ways digital voice recorders help us in our daily lives especially for journalists, students, solicitors, detectives, scientists and the list never ends.

We found this basic video guide about how to use a specific Olympus Dictaphone. We hope you find it useful:

This product makes it easy to record any conversation so that we can easily play it back later on when we have more time to concentrate on the subject. A digital Dictaphone let’s us record our own brain storming sessions so we never forget our best ideas. They also allow the police record important conversations from suspects. The possibilities are endless. You are on this page because you are actively looking for a Dictaphone for you to buy. We hope with our help you will end up buying THE ideal one for your needs.